Yacht Charter Types

Charter yachts come in various types: Motor, Gulet, Catamaran, and Sailing yachts. The type of yacht you choose for your yacht charter vacation will determine your experience, so it is essential to understand what each yacht type has to offer before deciding. Private yacht charters provide the most elegant way to visit exotic ports of call. Five-star services will await you as the crew will provide for your charter according to your preferred beverage, wine, and food requests. Your chef will prepare meals according to your preferences.

Motor yachts can vary in size up to Superyachts and Megayachts that offer amenities with high-end luxuries. They travel at high speed to enable the quests to see more during their charter vacation. Private motor yacht charters offer a truly unique experience. Their top of the line amenities allows the crew to pamper you with five-star luxuries.

Turkey has a proud heritage of boat building, and the type of yacht built there is called a Gulet, a motorsailer – that is, a sailing yacht with powerful engines and spacious accommodations. They serve delectable local cuisine, and their clientele enjoys carefree, luxury cruises at competitive rates. They are available for charter in Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Italy.

Catamaran yacht charters provide an ideal family vacation with ample decks and spaces large enough to accommodate families or groups of friends. A catamaran is built with two hulls parallel to each other, providing a stable platform with the exhilaration of sailing in the wind. A crewed catamaran provides 360-degree views and ample spaces with separate crew quarters.

Do you want to feel the excitement of the ocean and a gentle breeze on your face? A luxury sailing yacht charter provides the experience of the romance and tradition of exploring by sail, which comes with all the exhilaration or tranquillity you desire. Treating guests to a luxury experience is vital to any sailing vacation. The sailing yachts do best by harnessing the wind to travel to exotic island destinations and historic ports.

A bareboat yacht charter is for qualified skippers or simply those who love sailing. Bareboats come standard without a crew, but Royalty Yachts can arrange an optional skipper if you lack experience. You select a vessel, set your own pace and plan your itinerary. Freedom of choice and total independence are the benefits that accompany a bareboat charter.

Four essential elements make up a sailing vacation.
1. The type and style of the yacht;
2. the charter location;
3. the crew on the yacht;
4. you, the charterer.

An ideal yacht charter vacation will match all of these variables and take into account your particular interests, likes and preferences and what you, your family and your friends are looking for on your vacation.

The Hi and Low Season charter prices include weekly rates (8 days / 7 nights) with yacht charter contract terms and conditions. The charter price will exclude the APA (all costs regarding food, beverages and fuel) and the applicable VAT for your charter destination (unless otherwise indicated). Typically charters are booked on a weekly basis, although the yacht owners may accept a minimum period of four days.