Bareboat Yacht Terms

A bareboat charter is an arrangement for the chartering of a yacht, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement. The guests must have an experienced skipper within the group and are responsible for the sailing and navigation to the provisions, and the cleaning of the yacht.

The term bareboat yacht means hiring a yacht without a provided crew. To do this the charter company will need evidence that the intended skipper has a sailing qualification or has gained enough sailing experience in the past. If in doubt, please email your sailing license or your sailing résumé to us to confirm if it is acceptable in the specific sailing area or country you intend to visit. In general, a yacht will need a skipper and at least one competent crew member on board. Also, note that Greece has a new law that requires a co-skipper with experience. Most bareboat clients board Saturday afternoon around 4 pm for the handover and must return to base late Friday afternoon for disembarking Saturday at 9 am. The yacht is then checked and cleaned for the next charter that same afternoon. Charter durations are mostly booked for periods of 7, 14 or 21 days. There are a few exceptions in certain areas.

If you have the experience, an adventurous spirit, then a bareboat yacht is for you.

This type of charter provides the utmost freedom and privacy. Bareboat charter guests are responsible for all aspects of running the yacht, including sailing, navigating, cooking and cleaning.

“Bareboat Yachts” means you charter a fully equipped yacht without a professional skipper and crew. Being the skipper of your sailing yacht gives you total flexibility to board your choice of sailing yacht in any of our dream sailing destinations and travel where, when and how you wish.

The bareboat charterer needs some previous experience on a yacht of similar size with one competent crew member. Else you can sail with the guidance of an experienced skipper. A skippered Charter offers the option of learning while you sail or just simply enjoying the fun.

Bareboat Yacht Handover

Handing over a bareboat takes, on average, one hour. The purpose of this yacht orientation is to make you familiar with the vessel before you take to the sea. The skipper and the competent crew member will be shown the following:

  • The location and operation of safety equipment which will include: life jackets, fire extinguishers and first aid kit
  • The location and operation of winches, reefing lines, halyards and all sail controls.
  • How to safely operate cooking and refrigeration units.
  • Correct and safe operation of the heads.
  • Location and operation of other instruments such as GPS if applicable.
  • Use of the VHF radio, including mayday calls.
  • Regular engine checks and operation.
  • How to anchor the boat.
  • Location and use of charts and pilot books.
  • Any other systems on the vessel not already listed.

Don’t rush the yacht orientation. Take this opportunity to ask any questions you have, and don’t hold back. A few minutes taken now checking equipment and understanding the operating systems will be time well spent in the long run. You don’t want to sacrifice valuable vacation time stumbling around. You and the charter company will feel more comfortable if you are totally confident with the boat before you embark. Also if you are not familiar with the cruising location, the charter company will be pleased to meet you for a full chart briefing. This can take one hour. If, however, you are familiar with the cruising ground, a short chart briefing will be sufficient.

Bareboat Yacht Compulsory Costs

To be paid on arrival before the beginning of the charter. These costs are listed in the contract and will include:

  • End Cleaning (cleaning of the yacht after disembarking)
  • Security Deposit or Security Deposit Insurance

This security deposit is stipulated on the contract and is payable by credit card. The security deposit covers all damages regarding the yacht and its equipment. It does not include lost or stolen objects such as fenders, ropes and anchors, etc. No insurance cover is provided for personal injury caused by an accident onboard, damage to any property brought on board, or any damage or loss induced willfully or by gross negligence.  Some yachts offer the choice between Security Deposit or a Security Deposit Insurance. The Security Deposit Insurance is a non-refundable alternative to the Security Deposit at a lesser amount. As with any insurance, the amount is not refundable.

Bareboat Yacht Optional Additional Costs

  • Bed Linen per person.
  • Towels per person.
  • Outboard motor for dinghy/tender.

Please note that these items are sometimes included in the charter price – please see your contract.

Bareboat Skipper and Hostess

If you do not have a qualified or experienced skipper in your party, you may book an optional skipper with your yacht. This is known as a “skippered charter”. You may also book an optional hostess/chef to do the cooking and washing up. Most charter yachts offer a skipper and a hostess as additional options. Please remember that the skipper and hostess will require a cabin for themselves, therefore, if you are a group of 8 people, you would need a five cabin yacht. (8 people – 4 cabins plus skipper and hostess – 1 cabin) Safe operation of the yacht is the responsibility of the skipper. Guests should be willing to help sail the boat. The skipper will help you find the best places to snorkel, show you the best sights on your cruise and take you to the best beaches. Guests will have to pay for the food, drinks, (including for the skipper and hostess) fuel, water/ice, mooring fees and cruising taxes where required.

Diesel Fuel

The cost of diesel fuel is not included in the charter fee. The general standard requirement for a yacht is to be returned with a full tank. Please see the contract which you will receive upon reservation.

Mooring Fees

Mooring buoys are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Most overnight anchorages have mooring buoys, but it is worth checking your cruising guide to be sure of the details.

Water and Ice

Although you may not need to re-stock on water over a one week charter, it is reasonably sure that you will have to buy more ice every two to three days.


Another possible extra could include gas bottles. Pleck your contract for more info.

Sleeping on board

If you arrive a day early, you may request to sleep aboard the yacht at a reduced rate. A ‘sleep aboard’ offer you the convenience of unpacking your suitcase only once, purchasing your provisions ahead of schedule and settling in at your own pace. Please contact us for more info.

Bareboat Provisioning

Self-provisioning or pre-arranged provisioning?

A bareboat charter allows you the choice of shopping for your own groceries. You can also arrange with the chartering company to stock the boat on your behalf before you arrive in which case we will email you a provisioning list to complete. However, grocery stores offer a wider range of food and beverages than you will find on the provisioning list.  It is convenient to have the yacht pre-provisioned because it will save you time and alleviate stress when you aim to relax and enjoy your vacation. Good food and plenty thereof are mostly available and you will be able to tailor your requirement to what you prefer.  If, however, you really would like to pick out your own food, then self-provisioning is for you. Grocery stores offer food and beverages that will not appear on the provisioning program, so if it’s a wider selection of food and drinks you want, self-provisioning would be best for you.  If you have an optional skipper and perhaps a hostess onboard, don’t forget it’s your responsibility to provide their food and drink. Your provision must take their choice of food and cost into account.

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Please note: Bareboat Charter yachts are generally booked from Saturday to Saturday for 7,14, or 21 days.  Bareboat Charter yachts return to the marina on a Friday afternoon; the yacht is cleared Saturday morning to be cleaned and made ready for the next charter client that same Saturday afternoon.