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Bareboat yacht charters are a type of yacht rental where the renter is responsible for the operation and navigation of the vessel and typically does not come with a skipper or crew. The renter must be qualified to operate the vessel and may be required to provide proof of sailing experience or certifications. This type of charter is popular among experienced sailors who want the freedom and flexibility to chart their own course. An optional qualified and experienced skipper is available for most bareboat yachts.

Our “Direct Booking” feature allows you to select your preferred parameters and instantly book the yacht that meets your requirements. And if you need more time to think it over, you can use the “Open Option” to place a hold on your selected yacht for a few days.

If you’re unsure about your options, you can select “Request Offer” to view the contract, terms, and options before proceeding. We kindly remind you to select Saturday as your starting date, as most charters are available from Saturday to Saturday.

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Please select check-in and check-out date and ensure that your starting date is Saturday, as most charters are available from Saturday to Saturday.