Yacht Charters – Experience the Ultimate in Luxury and Adventure

Why a Yacht Charter?

Capture memories to last a lifetime

Chartering a yacht for family and friends or as a corporate incentive means experiencing a uniquely personalised luxury travel experience.

Your Passport To Royalty!

The first time you enter a busy yacht marina in high season will be one you will never forget. The various crews are getting the yachts prepared for departure among crowds of people watching with excitement, particularly in fashionable marinas like Monaco. There is a real buzz in the air, and you will become part of this rich heritage of sophisticated ocean travel.

A yacht charter is a unique experience. A luxurious private space that effortlessly and magically transports you to locations only accessible by boat, delicious picnics on golden beaches that rise gently from the glittering seas and a lot more.

Imagine the sea breeze and salty spray whilst standing at the stern, the warm deck beneath your bare feet, listening to the gentle lapping of the swells whilst sipping champagne. Glorious sunsets, fun activities for everyone, and all of your favourite food cooked to perfection while having the time of your life.

Memories are the Greatest Gift of All

Unique Itineraries

A cruise ship operates on a tight schedule with no room for individual preferences. You have very little say about your itinerary and have no opportunities to linger longer. Royalty Yacht Charters offers you the opportunity to stay longer, party all night, have breakfast mid-afternoon or have a midnight feast under the stars – just ask.

You have the freedom to change your mind

Your experienced Captain has intimate knowledge regards the best anchorages, vantage points and the best restaurants wherever you may be. You get to tailor your voyage to suit you.

Panoramic Vistas Daily

Once you’ve unpacked and settled in, the good news is that the only thing that changes is the view. Your yacht will float through stunning landscapes, from tropical beaches to glamorous port cities – no need to move so much as a muscle.

Each day means experiencing the natural canvas of the sea reflecting sunsets and sunrises, the noonday sun and late evening moonlight and stars.

Creative Cuisine

The luxury of a personal chef is yours. It’s a true indulgence – having a chef on hand to create sumptuous meals. Your chef will consult with you daily, and special diets or requests are easily accommodated. There will always be a table ready for you with the best sea views.

Consider yourself a foodie? This is the perfect way for you to experience an exceptional gourmet holiday.

Luxury Lifestyle

Your yacht is a destination in itself. Unlike hotels which are just a room to sleep, yachts offer so much more for you and your guests.

Whether it’s fine dining on deck; relaxing in a bubbling jacuzzi with a glass of your favourite champagne; movie night in the lounge with the family; dancing on the sundeck or perhaps taking a moonlit swim – the choice is yours.

Or will you take to land? There is no better way to see the sights than avoiding all those ghastly crowds associated with cruise liners: no airports or ferries, just excursions crafted especially for you.

You will always enjoy coming back on board after venturing out for the day. It is just you and your loved ones on your private floating island. The crew is always ready to welcome you back on board.

You are in control of your Royalty Yacht Charter from the moment you book until you step back onto dry land for the journey back home.

So, will you be scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, shopping or simply having some fun on a secluded golden beach?

Superb Personal Service

Most holidays require you to share staff with other guests, but your yacht’s crew is there to pamper you like royalty. This personal service offers more than even the best hotels with an exceptionally high crew to guest ratio. Once you step onboard, you will experience individual service that is world-class. The crew goes above and beyond to make your holiday the best possible.

With a discreet crew that takes care of the mundane everyday tasks that are a part of everyone’s holiday, you are free to indulge in any of the activities available.

Best Kept Secret?

Well, here’s the yachting industry’s best-kept secret.

You can charter a small private yacht for approximately the same cost as a family stay in a luxury hotel or cruise ship.
You just need to know who to ask.

So what are you waiting for?
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