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Crewed Yacht Charter FAQ’s

How can I arrange a charter?

Email or phone Royalty Yachts. We will work with you to plan your special charter vacation. Please provide the type of charter experience you seek, dates, destination and your preferred type of yacht. Royalty Yachts offers a wide and diverse selection of yachts ranging from Euro 10,000 to Euro 800,000 per week. Therefore please advise us what your approximate budget is to enable us to prepare a detailed proposal with our extensive knowledge for your perusal.

When is the best time to charter?

Most charter sailing regions are influenced by the seasons. Royalty Yachts will advise you of the best time of year to enjoy your preferred sailing destination.

What are the payments terms?

Charter agreements can differ slightly depending upon the destination. Still, usually a 50% deposit is required upon signing of the contract, and the balance plus the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance ) is due six weeks before charter. The charter agreement will tell you the terms for a refund in case of cancellation.

What is the APA?

In addition to the yacht charter fee, you will also be asked to pay an APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) of 25-30% of the charter fee. This is given to the yacht’s captain in cash prior to your yacht charter to allow him to buy fuel, provision the yacht with food and drink as per your demands, and cover any other expenses relating to the cost of your yacht charter (including fuel for a RIB or other tenders or jetskis; fuel for generators; consumable stores; berthing dues and other harbour charges away from the yacht’s own berth, including pilotage fees and charges for water and electricity taken from the shore; laundry, telephone, fax or telex via radio or Inmarsat). At the end of the charter, the captain will produce full accounts of all expenditures. You will either be refunded any money not used or asked to pay any additional costs not covered by the APA.

Should we tip the crew?

It is customary to tip the Captain and crew after a charter for excellent care and service. Tips for the crew are entirely at your discretion, but a usual gratuity can range between 10 to 15% of the charter fee. We recommend that you hand such a tip to the Captain for fair distribution among all crew members. Ultimately, however, it is up to you.

What insurance will we need?

The charter contract will tell you what is insured. The owner insures the yacht for the duration of the charter. Still, it is recommended in some instances that you purchase your liability insurance cover to protect you and your guests as well as your personal effects against any unforeseen circumstances. Royalty Yachts also recommends Trip Cancellation Insurance to all of our clients. Most charter contracts do not provide a refund for cancellations unless the yacht is re-booked for your charter dates.

What’s on the menu?

Royalty Yachts will ask you to complete a questionnaire (Preference Sheet) to provide all your food and beverage preferences and any special dietary requirements for those in your party. This allows your experienced Chef and crew to fully understand your requirements and provide you with the best possible service. It is important that the crew know in advance of any allergies or serious food aversions. This should be specified in the preference list.

Can we create our own itinerary?

Royalty Yachts will consider your requirements and preferences and will prepare an itinerary that meets your desires and when and where you want to go. During the charter you may discuss and request any changes with the Captain, who will advise on the best possible options taking into account the current weather and other circumstances to ensure your safety at sea.

Can our privacy be assured?

Private Yacht Charter crew are experienced in entertaining celebrities and high-level politicians. All our crew are professionals and trained to use absolute discretion so that you can be certain that your privacy is guaranteed.

Will I have to share a yacht with another group of people I don’t know?

No. Private charter yachts cannot be booked by the cabin. You hire the whole yacht and decide who comes on board for the trip.

Are smaller yachts as safe as big cruise ships?

In fact, private yachts are safer for many reasons. Large cruise ships usually cruise from big tourist ports, which attract pickpockets. The only people on board are your private crew (usually the owner’s own crew), you and your guests on a private yacht. Private yacht crews are trained to top international standards to deal with any (rare) emergency on board.

Is smoking allowed?

Some areas allow smoking, but it is specifically strictly forbidden in cabins or staterooms. Most yachts do allow smoking on deck. If any of your guests are smokers, please advise Royalty Yachts.

What communications are available?

Most yachts are now equipped with the most up to date communications technology, which includes cellular telephone service, global satellite telecommunications,  Internet access, e-mail and fax services. It means that you are within reach of anyone you need to be, wherever your yacht is located.