Bareboat Yacht Charter FAQ’s

Bareboat Yacht Charter FAQ’s answers all your questions about the wonderful world of bareboat chartering, requirements and what to expect to enjoy a memorable sailing experience.

How do we book a bareboat yacht charter?

On confirmation of availability, you may change the OFFER to an OPTION, a temporary reservation, and the yacht will be kept on hold for a few days. You have to confirm your booking within the defined period, or the OPTION will be cancelled. A booking is a fixed and binding reservation and is confirmed as soon as we have received your deposit.

How and when do we pay for the charter?

The payment of the first instalment (usually 50%) of the charter price is due within seven days after confirmation. The balance is due six weeks before the charter begins. Payment must be received before the stated deadlines. If you book less than 45 days ahead of the charter’s commencement, then the total amount of the charter fee must be transferred. Payment must be made via SWIFT (wire transfer).

What happens if we have to cancel the charter?

Please check your contract for details as these may differ.

How do we qualify to charter a bareboat sailing/motor yacht?

Usually, you will require at least two crew members who hold licenses or certificates of competence issued by maritime authorities and accepted by the local coast guard. Please send your Skipper and co-skipper certifications and sailing resumés for confirmation if they are accepted in the destined charter area.

What is a skippered charter?

We will provide you with a professional skipper who has full knowledge of local waters, marinas, and bays for a skippered charter. You will find it more relaxing to sail with a professional skipper and not worry about navigation or sailing operations.

When you search for a yacht, you will find the skipper’s fee as an additional option if required. He will sleep on board in a separate cabin and has responsibility for the yacht and the safety of everyone on board. You must follow the safety rules and the skipper’s instructions.

What are the charters’ schedules? 

The start time for most charters is 16:00 on a Saturday, and you have to return to base at 16:00 on the last Friday with overnight boarding until Saturday morning, 09:00. Time is needed to prepare the boat for the next charter on the same Saturday afternoon.  Please check your contract for details.

Are we able to embark and disembark at a different base?

Such an arrangement is possible, but you expect to pay a delivery/redelivery fee to your requested destination, the price naturally being calculated according to the distance and fuel consumption. Don’t hesitate to contact us for “ONE WAY” charters if you are interested.

What is included in the charter fee?

The charter fee typically includes the yacht and a yacht berth in the base marina and VAT.

What is excluded from the charter fee?

Not included in the charter fee are marina fees (except the base marina where you embark/disembark), outboard motor, linen, towels, provisioning, transfers, skipper, hostess, fuel, water and the refundable security deposit. There may also be compulsory extras, like cleaning, gas, etc. You should check your contract for those.

What is the Refundable Security Deposit?

The security deposit is payable at the base check-in. It is held against the yacht’s insurance excess.

The security deposit is refundable if there is no damage to the yacht or its equipment or any losses. If there is any damage or loss, the security deposit or an appropriate proportion will be returned only after a full assessment of the costs involved (i.e. from damage or loss) has been carried out by the nominated person.

The security deposit covers:
• Loss or damage to the vessel, tender and third parties.
• Loss or damage to any equipment listed in the inventory given to the charterer at check-in time.
• Costs incurred if the boat is brought back in an unacceptable condition.
• Costs of returning the vessel to the base if, for any reason, the charterer does not do so by the specified date and time.
• Costs of refuelling the boat if the tanks have not been refilled.

The security deposit is designed to cover only a single incident of a significant nature at any one time. Suppose there is a significant loss or damage to essential equipment like an outboard engine or dingy. In that case, the charterer will be entitled to an immediate replacement during the charter, but this is provided the charterer pays a new security deposit upon receipt of the relevant replacement or repair.

Please note that the charterer will be liable for the total amount of any loss or damage caused by gross negligence or wanton or willful misuse of any equipment by the charterer of any of their parties that exceeds the security deposit amount.

Gross negligence may include, but is not limited to:
• Damage resulting from not following instructions given during the briefing.
• Damage resulting from failure to take appropriate measures during adverse weather conditions.
• Sailing at night without functioning navigation lights or sufficient watch on deck.
• Not having a competent person at the helm or supervising the helmsman while the boat is sailing.
• Failure to take correct seamanlike measures to avoid danger to both crew and yacht.

Do we need yacht insurance?

Most yachts are covered for Third Party Liability, and the amount insured is equal to or greater than that obligatory by local legislation. The yacht insurance is in excess of the security deposit the client chooses to pay.

The conditions of the insurance, which we will gladly provide on request, are an integral part of the contract. The deductible excess for each loss is to be borne by the charterer and may differ from the deposit paid. The deposit will be repaid without delay on the yacht’s return and equipment in good condition. Loss and damage will be offset against the deposit. Loss and damage not covered by the deposit or the insurance shall be paid without delay by the charterer.

Conclusion of an extended “Skipper’s liability insurance” (which covers crew’s liability amongst themselves and recovery of losses to the chartered yacht in substantiated gross negligence) and consequential loss insurance is strongly recommended. Royalty Yachts will be pleased to send all the necessary documentation.

Do we need travel insurance?

As with all vacations, arranging your travel insurance before leaving home is advisable. It should include cancellation insurance that will protect your booking deposit.

What are the safety standards of the yachts?

All the safety equipment of the yachts meets the safety standards set by the local maritime authority.

Where can we get sailing information regarding the local waters?

Nautical charts will be available onboard yachts chartered with us.

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Please note: Bareboat Charter yachts are generally booked from Saturday to Saturday for 7,14, or 21 days.  Bareboat Charter yachts return to the marina on a Friday afternoon; the yacht is cleared Saturday morning to be cleaned and made ready for the next charter client that same Saturday afternoon.