Motor Yacht Charters

Motor yachts (prefix M/Y) typically have one or two internal combustion engines that burn diesel fuel. Depending on yacht and engine size, fuel costs may be high. The new motor yachts tend to be more economical, using the latest technologies to improve fuel economy.

Motor yachts provide space, comfort, luxury and speed. The latter will give the yacht charterer the chance to squeeze plenty of activities into their itinerary and make the most of their valuable time. Other benefits are:

  • Modern entertainments and amenities.
  • Staterooms with a high level of comfort which would normally include air-conditioning, stabilisers, and guest rooms, all with beautifully finished en-suite facilities.
  • The latest in technological navigational sophistication and communications systems to ensure the highest safety precautions are maintained at all times.
  • With their extra speed motor yachts leave sailboats behind and arrive at their next destination point sooner. This means less time underway and more time exploring or relaxing.
  • A Motor Yacht Charter are far more spacious with larger cabins, fantastic head facilities and plenty of deck space.