Bareboat Freedom

Bareboat yacht charters offer tremendous freedom to go exactly when and where you want, providing you with a unique vacation experience. There really is no other holiday like a bareboat charter.

Bareboat yacht charters is a yacht hire where you take full responsibility for all aspects of the boat and journey: sailing, navigation, mooring, cooking and cleaning.

Bareboat yacht charters requires responsibility to go along with all that freedom – one of the members must be an experienced sailor with the required qualifications and experience. Bareboat yacht charters also require that everyone on board take at least some responsibility for the itinerary and safety of the group.

Royalty Yacht Charters can offer an optional skipper at an additional cost if you wish. The advantage is that the skipper will have a vast knowledge of the sailing destination and he will do the navigation and the sailing. The team however will assist with the sailing and will also gain some valuable sailing experience during this unique holiday.