Catamaran Yacht Charters

A catamaran is a multi-hulled yacht featuring two parallel hulls of equal size. Two types of catamarans are available: sailing and power catamarans. The two hulls have less resistance than monohulls, requiring less propulsive power from sails or motors. Catamarans have a low draught, which enables them to cruise in shallower waters, and they are ideal for an island holiday in the Caribbean, Seychelles or Tahiti. The most noticeable thing about sailing a Catamaran Yacht Charter versus a traditional monohull is the lack of heeling, providing a more convenient and relaxing way to sail. Cruising catamarans will typically sail about 30% faster than a cruising monohull of the same length. Multi-hulls have far more interior space than monohull sailing yachts. Typically a catamaran will have the space below equivalent to a monohull 10+ feet larger. Another great advantage of a Catamaran is the excellent 360-degree view you have from catamaran bridge decks.